a snowy spring day

it feels silly sitting down to journal when the kitchen is so desperately in need of a good scrubbing, as is every surface that my eyes dance across. i don't know how many more snowy days i will be seeing this season, however, and it seems like a good day to sit and think a little. snow seems to absorb sound, and perhaps it absorbs external energies as well~ i am enjoying our warm cocoon of white.

spring is here!! as much as i love every season (though i haven't braved the cold much this winter, and have had thoughts of fleeing to somewhere a bit more tropical :) ) spring is such an exciting time! more than ever before i find myself anticipating the sprouts and buds, looking forward to helping create a beautiful dark and loamy forest-like soil in our little patch of earth, to digging my toes and fingers deep into the garden and kneading a perfect eden for worms. we have a raised bed, half-full of soil & awaiting compost, glacial rock dust, sparkling vermiculite & coconut coir amendments. there is a bean/pea tipi nearby, with peas hopefully near ready to burst through the earth and stretch up the bamboo poles towards the shining sky~ stepping stones to be made with footprints and shiny stones..
the yard is a desert, well- right now a snow field, anticipating the kiss of spring that shall transform it into a verdant purslane wonderland! i listen eagerly for the whisper of the angels in the orchestration of the mighty symphony ready to burst forth its majesty upon us all. life is ready to blossom~ to emerge from the darkness of winter. i am ready to bloom along with it.

happy spring!

my very first journal entry!

wow! i'm finally getting around to this! whilst being spun around by a two year old! :) i think this is going to be a short one! we'll just consider this a test drive.

so much has been changing in my life in these past few months. the death of our long-time canine friend & sister Hazelnut, the long & drawn-out apparent death/transformation (as all deaths are just transformations) of the job i've had for the past almost decade, personal changes taking place & realizations crystallizing ~ ~ ~ there have been hard changes & necessary changes, and i am learning to relax into them instead of trying to control everything. my body is letting me know that is no longer an option. getting back into yoga. . . breathwork . . . maybe my boss-turned-yoga instructor can help me with some of the transitions.

every day is a new opportunity to learn. to grow. to laugh. to dance.

~quieres bailar conmigo?~